Tips for spotting Tinder red flags after spike in searches for advice

Tinder red flags

Dating apps can be great for people looking for love, but they can also pose a significant risk to young people who cannot spot the signs of catfishing, toxic relationships, gaslighting, and other dating issues.  Following a staggering 400% increase in searches for the term ‘tinder red flags’ over the past 12 months¹, we’ve gathered…

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Legal ages uncovered: Young people and freedoms around the world 

young people and freedoms around the world

From smoking and drinking alcohol to voting and getting a piercing, young people worldwide are restricted in what activities they can partake in up to a certain age. But what significant differences exist between the world’s major countries and their legal ages?  Following a 100% increase in searches for the term ‘legal ages around the…

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How to give your social media a spring clean

A spring clean means to ensure your space is tidy for the new season and is known to positively impact your mental health. While a spring clean usually refers to cleaning your house, you can also follow suit with your social media.  Social media has many benefits, but it can negatively impact mental health, too,…

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The top ten Netflix shows young people can learn from

Netflix shows to learn from

With more under 21-year-olds signing up to popular streaming services, platforms like Netflix have released a wealth of shows young people can learn from. Shows are also becoming more diverse and inclusive, addressing important social issues such as LGTBQ+ equality, racism and politics. Following a staggering 116% increase in interest for the search term ‘educational…

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New study reveals top ten young stars set to make millions

Rich List of the Future

Following a boom in young people gaining stardom across industries such as social media, sports and entertainment, our new study reveals the top ten young stars set to make millions in the future.  Our new research reveals the top ten stars of the future by analysing their current net worth, predicted net worth and current Instagram…

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Conscious Youth achieves diploma in trauma and mental health

Trauma and mental health therapy

Following a turbulent and challenging year for young people and after six months of studying, we are delighted to announce that we have achieved a diploma in “Trauma and Mental Health Informed Schools and Communities”¹. With more young people than ever using community services for support, we decided to undertake the trauma and mental health…

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The Duchess of York Visits Conscious Youth

Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, visited our most recent ‘Conscious Girls’ session on Wednesday 21st July held at The Chestnut Centre in Deighton.  The Duchess of York visited the weekly ‘Conscious Girls’ session, a grassroots youth-led initiative focused on improving the resilience of young women aged 12-16 years old. Conscious Girls provides a safe…

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