Empowering Youth Voices: A Night of Music and Inspiration at Conscious Hour

Last Friday, the Tipi at Lawrence Batley Theatre in Huddersfield became a stage for young talents to shine brightly. Conscious Hour, an event that celebrated the creativity and passion of the next generation. Among the lineup were remarkable individuals whose performances left a lasting impact on the audience of fellow young people, friends, and proud family members.

Kicking off the evening was Shanta Pinnock, an alumni of Conscious Youth, whose captivating opening set the tone for the night. Following her lead were Mason Whittle and Stevie Mathew, who mesmerized the crowd with their musical ability and infectious energy. Each performance was a testament to the talent and dedication of these young artists, leaving the audience in awe of their abilities.

However, it wasn’t just about entertainment; it was about empowerment and expression. Idriss Thiane and Kiara Benjamin-Lynch took the stage to perform a song they crafted as the theme tune for the Huddersfield Literature Festival, titled ‘Nature’. Their creation, born out of their participation in The Elevation Music Programme funded by Youth Music, showcased not only their musical talent but also their commitment to environmental awareness and creativity.

The event was a resounding success, drawing a diverse audience that reflected the rich tapestry of the community. It was a night where young voices were amplified, ideas were shared, and inspiration was ignited. Conscious Hour proved to be more than just a gathering; it was a celebration of youth culture, creativity, and the power of music to unite and inspire.

As the curtains closed on an unforgettable evening, it was clear that the future of music and art is in good hands with these talented individuals leading the way. Here’s to more events like Conscious Hour, where young people can continue to shine and make their voices heard.

We are thankful to The Huddersfield Literature Festival and Huddersfield Live for their support in putting this evening together!

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