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Breaking Barriers is a collective of 7 youth-led initiatives working with local authorities and partners to redress historical injustice and inequalities. The programme aims to make a step-change in improving outcomes for black young people in Kirklees and to support public agencies to be fair and inclusive service providers.

The Breaking Barriers programme has been developed due to Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic  communities being more likely to face societal challenges. They are more likely to experience poverty, health inequalities, have poorer educational outcomes, higher unemployment, contact with the criminal justice system, and face challenges accessing or receiving appropriate professional services. Recent events such as the death of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement have echoed that of the Stephen Lawrence case emphasising the need for targeted work to close the gap on inequality and promote an anti-racist culture.

The programme has been developed through consultation activities with local young people to identify their needs and the key areas of change.

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