5th November 2017


Stepping Up & Stepping Out is an Award Winning Programme.

The programme is designed and tailored for age groups 8-24 years old and takes focus on character building. It aims to improve the mental and emotional resilience of young people.

The programme facilitates a change process which offers the opportunity in a safe and non-judgemental environment to explore under the surface what is really going on and helps them towards achieving a more fulfilling and positive future.

We at Conscious Youth have a passionate interest in self-development and focus on preventative youth work which promotes and protects young people’s emotional health and mental wellbeing. The programme explores topics around, image & identity, love, the role of consent, attitude, core values, limiting beliefs and goal setting.

The programme has been created in response to young people’s questions, hopes, and concerns which have been identified through consultation activities. It is aimed equally at those who feel they are ready to step their game up and those who are feeling unsure and uninspired in aspects of their life.

The programme consists of six group sessions each lasting two hours; however, there is flexibility in the structure of the programme and it can be tailored to meet the client’s needs including the option of half/full day workshops covering content from the programme. On completion of the programme, we can also provide the option of trained mentors to assist and support young people with a progression plan going forward.

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